Research and Development

see something challenging. create a solution. build a prototype. test it in the real world.

The Challenges

Patients and their caregivers face challenges almost daily in their healthcare needs. Unless you have a chronic illness or living/taking care of someone who does, what seems like a simple daily task can be compounded into to a major obstacle. TapTap Click is currently researching and developing solutions to these challenges by developing products, systems, and methods that give patients living with chronic illness like End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) an opportunity to lead a fuller life.

The Solutions

For TapTap Click, the solution to patient and caregiver assistive health tools first come from the understanding of what healthcare tools and solutions work or don’t and why. Our tools and solutions are developed from actual patient and caregiver experiences. We’re creating products for in-home Renal waste removal, wearable devices for medication monitoring/reminders, devices that warm renal solutions, and clothing designed specifically for wear during hemodialysis treatments.

R&D Solutions

Projects for 2017

RDP1.0 - PdDispenser

Device for the safe, disposal of Renal Peritoneal fluid.

RDP2.0 - PdWarmer

Device to safely and efficiently warming Renal Peritoneal fluid.

RDP3.0 - MedTrak

Wearable jewelry that sends “push notification” and bio-sensing information to the patient, his/her caregiver, and their healthcare team.

RDP4.0 - RenalWear

Wearable gear for “In-Center ” Hemo-dialysis patients.

RDP5.0 - Doing Our Part to Save Mother Earth

We’re interested in creating products that require us to think from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. So we focus on environmental, community, and health challenges found in urban and rural spaces.

We're rethinking everything about how we can make a difference as product design engineers.




be the change

Future Patient/Caregiver Products from our R&D Efforts


With the pdWarmer, we hope not having an available warm treatment bag for treatment time becomes a thing of the past. No more one-zeez with the oops “forgot to start warming another bag”. With the pdWarmer device, patients/caregivers can warm multiple treatment bags with the added benefit of keeping them at the optimal temperature as prescribed.


Create a wearable device that does more than monitor the number of steps you took in a day or the calories you burned. So we’re setting out to develop a wearable that’s not only fashionable, but can also notify the patient/caregiver that it’s time to take your Med, or your care team has gotten back test results since your last visit requiring a change to your medication regiment. That’s just some of the things we want MedTak to do.


We’re hoping to remove a post treatment challenge of Peritoneal solution/bag disposal. Patients want a clean and easy method for disposing of renal waste after treatment. The pdDumper meets this need by automating the disposal process.


The challenge, how to keep a renal patient warm during their treatment session, while decreasing the after treatment mishap of blood on a blouse or shirt due to continued bleeding after treatment? The solution, create a garment that keeps your body temperature consistent with added blood spill protection.

Hours Spent conducting R&D and Prototyping

We’ve clocked some serious hours researching and developing prototypes that will be integrated into
products we hope have the ability to assist patients and caregivers in their daily lives.