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MobileMakerRoom Project

3 Zones of Fun

We expose youth to three technology areas that provide tones of creative exploration, problem solving and group collaboration. We provide designated areas called “zones” were youth learn things from CAD design to creating iOT devices and just for fun, wearable bling.


-Electronic Basics
-Creating things using low power open-source single-board computing
-Soldering 101



-Making your own product 101
-Using CAD for the first time
-Fabricating your creation using a 3D printer
-Laser cutting and etching for the rookie


-No rules, creative freedom
-Make something wearable that blinks, buzzes or moves
-Then wear it to the Bling ball

The MobileMakerRoom Project

We see it as a Maker’s Playground.
We want the “MobileMakerRoom” Project to not only prepare a kid to be an Engineer, Scientist or Technologist. We’re interested in the kid who wants to be a carpenter, designer, open-source product designer, welder, sculptor, artists or whatever they have a deep sense of connection to that they feel will make this place we call home a little better.

Our focus is to provide youth with the foundation needed to be the best in whatever their educational or occupational goals might be. We put the “MobileMakerRoom” project together to be exciting, out of the box, and just plain fun! For us the bonuses are seeing the shy kid, being a little louder when debating the practicalities of the groups design, the moment of awe on a kids face when they’ve figured out the electrical short on their LED bracelet without anyone’s assistance. It’s moments like these that are the reasons we want to be engineers for Good!

MobileMakerRoom Project

Is currently looking for schools for our 2017 spring and summer program. Contact us, we would love to show you how our “MobileMakerRoom” project can bring magic to a room in your school.

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