Our Commitment to Community

We want to use our skills as engineers to do more than talk about change.



Help Be The Change

Lets change something together. Yes although we focus our efforts in product development of patient/caregiver assistive devices and solutions, we realize that it’s just as important to be involved in the community we work, live and play in. Even though we keep long hours, we still find the time to make a commitment personally and as a company to help change something for good.

For TapTap Click its:

  • Assistive devices for lifting something or for mobility purposes.
  • Providing a “mobileMaker” classroom to expose youth to all the possibilities of a MakerSpace in an easy to assemble mini-maker environment that’s quick and easy to setup and tear down.

So we challenge you to use your expertise to help be the change you must see in the world.

Lets Change Something Together