Additive Manufacturing

With Additive Manufacturing Rapid And Design Prototyping Have Become Just That -- "RAPID"

Making Concepts Real

We think the future of prototyping has been made easier for small firms like TapTap Click with the introduction of additive manufacturing and devices like 3D printing, 3D scanning, powder, and resin based printing. Now TapTap Click can deliver world-class solutions that rival some of the larger product design firms. For TapTap Click, we’re using next-generation manufacturing technology that allows TapTap Click to provide local, on-demand production of prototypes, final products or parts.

Additive Manufacturing Abilities

General 3D Print Services
Architectural 3D Printed Models
3D Street Mapping Data
One of a Kind 3D Prints
3D Organ Visualization
Translation of DICOM files to 3D printable Formats
Multi-Color MRI 3D Prints



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